Apr 2, 2012

An Amateur Photographer's To Do List

Wake up early in the morning.
Take a walk.

Take photos. Lots of them
etc etc..

Share photos online
blogs, photostreams, sites, social medias,
online Portfolios..

Join a photography group
-go on an photo excursion with that group.

Take photos. Lots of them..

Find a sponsor
-buy equipment
-buy equipment AGAIN!

Find a new sponsor
-get a home studio
-buy some back up equipment.

Leave your first sponsor.

Find more photography groups.
-follow them to all the excursions you can get.

Take photos..Lots of them..

Print a portfolio
Print another one different..
show them to a pro.
Don't care what he/she says.
-you'll probably have better ideas..

Sell at least one print or give away a hundred (maybe more) to your friends and family.

Take photos LOTS of them..

Wake up early in the morning.
take a walk and think about all that you have accomplished.

Go all over again but leave the sponsors out.. They're going to hunt you down eventually :P

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